What is Kitchen Start?

Kitchen Start is a marketplace to connect commercial kitchen owners with respectable food business chefs. We have removed the barrier to entry for new food businesses, using technology.

Why host on Kitchen Start?
Kitchen Start makes it simple and secure to earn money and reach hundreds of food trucks, catering companies, and other food businesses looking for commercial kitchens, just like yours.
You're in control
With Kitchen Start, you're in full control of your availability, prices, kitchen rules and how you interact with guests. You can set check-in times and handle the process however you like.
Communication is Easy
We make it easy to screen and communicate with chefs requesting your kitchen. Through a simple messaging system, you can review, chat, and approve dates with chefs before committing to a booking.
No Monthly or Posting Fees
We have no monthly or posting fees. We only take a 10% fee from a booking and transfer you 90% as soon as the booking is completed. You set your price according to your needs. We can help provide guidance.
We're Here For You
Kitchen Start offers help, support and an online community for questions, guidance and sharing ideas for success. You can reach out to us anytime for help!
Community and Passion
For most of us, food is passion. We love to cook, eat and share our experiences with friends and family. We want to create a sense of foodie community with Kitchen Start. Come be part of it!


We are passionate foodies, leveraging technology to help budding startups connect with restaurants and commissary kitchens


We love to talk to our hosts and their guests! Feel free to reach out to us now!